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Alcohol & Drugs

Alcohol & Drugs policy

Remøy Management has zero tolerance for violations of its Alcohol- and Drug Policy. The company does not accept, nor tolerate its employees being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs whilst representing the company in any way. The exceptions are when alcoholic beverage is served in special events with agreement by the management in Remøy Management.

To ensure that Remøy Management meets its objectives, all employees and employees from other companies serving on board Remøy Management on vessels and ashore, are expected to be aware of, and comply with, the Alcohol- and Drug Policy which prohibits the following:

  • Dispensing, distributing, possessing, using, selling or offering to buy or sell alcohol and/or drugs whilst at work on any of Remøy Managements vessels or working for Remøy Management
  • Supplying of drugs on any of Remøy Management vessels or working for Remøy Management or on their premises will be reported immediately to the police
  • Reporting for work, working or attempting to work whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs including prescription drugs
A breech of this Policy may lead to dismissal.

Prescription drugs can be accepted in accordance with a doctor’s prescription and duly reported to the Captain when joining the vessel, under the condition that this will not affect the employee’s ability to perform their duties safely.

To assist in the successful implementation of Remøy Management Alcohol- and Drug Policy, the company reserves the right to have tests carried out on employees following any incident or when the company has reasonable cause to suspect that an employee working in a managed vessel is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, Remøy Management has established unannounced testing which will take place throughout the company on all levels of staff.